Thank You!!!!

Jam 2016 was a great time. Much thanks to all the volunteers. It was a rainy day but everyone still had a blast.

Our next event is scheduled for October 1st. Stay tune for more information on this event and we hope to see you there.

Tax deductible status!!!

Hooray! We received our approval from the IRS for our charitable status, retro effective to September 2013. We are now a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.

We’re going to plan some other fun events as well as the Jam and will keep you all posted.


Jammin’ for Kids is organized to fundraise for families of Chester County, PA who face significant financial challenges due to a child’s serious illness.
Our mission is to identify families in Chester County, PA who face financial burdens due to a child’s illness and help them pay the child’s supplemental expenses. These expenses can be almost anything but some examples that we have seen in the past: 
  • Wheel Chair Access Ramps
  • Custom Walkers
  • Exercise Assistive Devices
  • Bed Assistive Devices
  • Speech/Visual Aids
  • Communication Devices
  • Transportation Assistance
  • School Device and Transportation Assistance

For more information about a child you may know, email any information and contact details to

Helping Families